Being In Love

About The App:

From the makers of PackRat, the largest online card collecting game in the world, comes this adorable collection of beautifully expressive stickers for you to send to your loved ones!

Sticker emojis featured in this collection:

-Birds of Feather (flock together)
-Declaration of Love
-Endless Love
-Forbidden Fruit
-Grand Romantic Gesture
-Honey Bunny
-Love At First Sight
-Love Boat
-Lovey Dovey
-Love Fool
-Loves Me, Loves Me Not
-Love Song
-Love Rollercoaster
-Opposites Attract
-Puppy Love
-Red Thread of Fate
-Smitten Kitten

With over 9,000 cards across 500+ collections, PackRat features an incredible variety of high quality art from a diverse collection of artists, with collections and cards based on almost any theme imaginable.

We are happy to introduce these images as stickers that you can insert in text messages to dress up and emphasize your thoughts!

Like the art? Then check out the fun collecting game it’s based on:

Download: It is available on the App Store for iPhone.

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