Emojidom Animated / GIF Smiley

About The App:

The popular Emojidom smileys are now animated! Have fun sending 30 cool and funny GIF emoticons in iMessage.

You’ll find just the emoji you need for many occasions:
– angel
– in love (“I love you”)
– with a broken heart
– to say hello and good bye
– with a thumb up and thumb down
– running late
– sick
– sticking out a tongue
– asking a question
– scared
– angry
– threatening with a baseball bat
– blinking slowly
– bored
– celebrating
– getting slapped in face
– crying
– rolling eyes (“Whatever…”)
– surprised
– enjoying coffee
– tired, needing a coffee
– begging
– rainbow vomit
– happily clapping
– sarcastically clapping
– smirking
– to say good night

Download: It is available on the App Store for iPhone.

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Creator: PlantPurple B.V.