Good Christmas Ideas

About The App:

Good Christmas Ideas 1.0
Joy To The World! . . .or at least to the friends and family that you text message.

This collection of digital stickers, emojis and animated gifs is the perfect gift to yourself for the holiday Christmas season!
This digital sticker collection is abundant with the holiday spirit, consisting of OVER 80 images.
“Good Christmas Ideas” is a collection of digital stickers that has over 30 popular acronyms i.e.: “LOL”, “TTYL” and “OMW” along with various one word statements i.e.: “YES”, “NO” and “OK”.
Over 50 familiar Holiday characters like “Santa”, “Frosty” and “Rudolph” are complimented with a combination of Santa’s elfs, their famous toys and what would Christmas be without our most beloved Christmas Tree!

Don’t be a Scrooge this holiday season -make sure you text all of your friends and family! Wish them a Happy Holiday and add a little extra Christmas spirit with this joyful digital sticker collection.

A Merry Christmas to all and to all a ….Good Idea.

Download: It is available on the App Store for iPhone.

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