Warning Sign Animated Stickers

About The App:

If you’re looking for a sign, here are a whole bunch of them. With Warning Signs Animated Stickers for iMessage, you get 81 fully-animated Stickers to use in your chats and texts, both on your iPhone and iPad.

This is how to use them:
You don’t know how to use Stickers?

Here’s the full list. You’ll have to animate them with your mind. Or watch the video in the regular App Store. Or buy them. We recommend the first one because it would be so cool if you could do that.

1. Beware of Psychopaths
2. Nerd at Work
3. Mustache
4. Caution: Do Not Disturb
5. Caution! Unicorn
6. Attention: Men Working
7. Monkey Bite
8. Warning: Women at Work
9. No Trolls
10. Fun Ahead
11. Danger: Keep Away
12. Irony Alert
13. Beware of Imitations
14. Beware of Bewares
15. Warning: Prepare for Worse
16. Do Not Enter
17. Hit the Road
18. Zombie Predator
19. Beware of Monsters
20. Beware of Vampires
21. Enterstate 69
22. Wrong Way
23. Caution: Wild Animals
24. Warning: Don’t Make Me Angry
25. Warning: Villain at Work
26. Warning: Thief at Work
27. Silence Please
28. Beware of Sharks
29. No Selfie Zone
30. Beware of Sarcasm
31. Rude Behavior Ahead
32. Pool Party Zone
33. Warning: Beach Party
34. Caution: Party Zone
35. Beware of Politicians
36. Caution: The Boss is Here Today!
37. Work!
38. No Thinking Permitted
39. No Creativity Allowed
40. Warning: No Parents Allowed
41. Caution: Women
42. Error 404 Not Found
43. GO
44. STOP
45. Beware of Hipsters
46. !
47. Caution: Children Texting
48. Warning: A Witch Lives Here
49. ?
50. Warning: C***** Zone
51. Warning: D******* Zone
52. C******* Zone
53. Warning: B*** Zone
54. Coffee Zone
55. Acidic Wit Next Exit
56. Dead End
57. Warning: BBQ Zone
58. No Drone Zone
59. Warning: Artist at Work
60. Caution Angry Worker
61. Don’t Fart
62. Beware of Aliens
63. Warning: Don’t Be Rude
64. Don’t Be an Idiot
65. Warning: Beware of Humans
66. Warning: Hacker at Work
67. Beware of Children
68. Beware of Cat
69. Beware of Dog
70. Beware: Ghosts Zone
71. Behave Yourself
72. Cool Xing
73. Get Off the ****ing Phone
74. Coming Soon!
75. Warning: Explicit Content
76. UFO Abduction
77. Beware of Comfort
78. No Touching
79. Danger: Wild Zone
80. Caution Heavy E******* in Progress
81. Warning: No I*********

We’re not going to say “Warning: These Stickers Can Become Addictive!” or something stupid like that. Just that these are kind of different. And cheap.

From the makers of the popular PhotoCrash 2 Overlays App, Textual Misconduct Animated Stickers and Pop Comic Animated Stickers, also for iMessage.

Download: It is available on the App Store for iPhone.

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Creator: Blank Space, Inc.